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Breakfast Buffet seasonal fresh ingredients

Sakurabashi restaurant Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Over 60 different Japanese and western style dishes

Serving many homemade fukui specialty cuisine has made our breakfast buffet well known and popular

Our vast menu of over 60 items is focused on local and healthy cuisine made in house. We aim to serve diverse and unique dishes that reflect the longevity of Fukui.

*Our hotel does not accept personal allergen substitution requests. Please consume at your own risk.

Skylight public bath Surrounded by the natural scenery of Fukui

Super ion Water

With a 180-degree panoramic view of Fukui, and super ion water, the public bath is very popular among woman who see the smoothing results in their skin and hair. The baths each have a sauna in both the women and men's bath.

With a variety of
diverse room types and sizes
Single travelers or families can be easily accommodated

Each Room is equipped with a 50-inch high resolution TV

Riverge type rooms are recommended for the scenic views

Japanese style rooms are also available

Beautiful scenic views are an appeal of Riverge type rooms

D types are very comfortable and soothing

D types room exhibit a Japanese modern design